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The Players

Sally Wainwright has written lots of really excellent stuff, and it looks like she likes to use the same actors - many Yorkshire-born - again and again. Here's a (very incomplete) list of productions (both by Wainwright and others) that various members of the GJ cast have been in. There's a page on Sally Wainwright's work here.

Suranne Jones - Anne

As Claire McGory in Save Me.
As the eponymous Doctor Foster. It was Suranne Jones' performance as Gemma Foster that got me watching GJ.
Co-starred as Rachel Bailey in ITV's Scott & Bailey (by Sally Wainwright)
Starred as Eve Caleigh in the The Secret of Crickley Hall.
Starred as PC Laurie Franklin in Five Days.
As "modern lesbian" DC Anne Oldman in A Touch of Cloth.
As the motorcycle-riding Sister Joan Livesey in The Crimson Field. A real shame this only ran for one season.
As Ruth Slater who was finally forgiven in Unforgiven (by Sally Wainwright)
Starred as Julie Bottomley in Dead Clever: The Life and Crimes of Julie Bottomley (by Sally Wainwright)
As Dr Martha Elliot in Harley Street.
Starred as Linda Nelson in Strictly Confidential.
As Beth in Vincent.
And 268 episodes of Coronation Street!

Sophie Rundle - Ann

As Ada Shelby in the absolutely fabulous Peaky Blinders.
Vicky in Bodyguard.
Sadly murdered in episode 3 of the first series of Sally Wainwright's Happy Valley.

Gemma Jones - Aunt Anne

Reprising her role as Aunt Anne in The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister.
Last Tango in Halifax (by Sally Wainwright)

Timothy West - Captain Jeremy Lister

With his GJ sister in Last Tango in Halifax.

Amelia Bullmore - Mrs William Priestley (Eliza)

Co-wrote and starred as DCI Gill Murray in the first four seasons of Scott & Bailey. Series 5 just wasn't the same without her.
Also murdered in Happy Valley.

Peter Davison - Mr William Priestley

Starred in At Home with the Braithwaites (by Sally Wainwright)
With Suranne Jones in Unforgiven.

Vincent Franklin - Christopher Rawson

Not murdered in Happy Valley.
With his GJ brother & Suranne Jones in Five Days.
With Suranne Jones in Dead Clever.
With Sophie Rundle in Bodyguard.

George Costigan - Mr Holt

A Sally Wainwright favourite:
Happy Valley.
Scott & Bailey.

Jodhi May - Vere Hobart

Definitely didn't say "I'm... not like that" in Tipping the Velvet.
Straight again in The Crimson Field with Suranne Jones.
The Amazing Mrs Pritchard (by Sally Wainwright)

Joe Armstrong - Mr Washington

Yet another GJ actor murdered in Happy Valley.
As a mysterious messenger in To Walk Invisible (by Sally Wainwright)

Sylvia Sims - (Old) Mrs Rawson

At Home with the Braithwaites.

Thomas Howes - John Booth

As the postman in To Walk Invisible.

Katherine Kelly - Elizabeth Sutherland

Appeared with her GJ husband in Happy Valley.
Alice Lister in The Last Witch (by Sally Wainwright)

Derek Riddell - Captain Sutherland

Another Happy Valley survivor.
With Suranne Jones in Five Days and Vincent.
Coronation Street.

Shaun Dooley - Jeremiah Rawson

With Suranne Jones in Five Days.
And again in Harley Street.
Yet again in Strictly Confidential.
Yet yet again in Vincent.
Not with Suranne Jones in Coronation Street.

Anthony Flanagan - Sam Sowden / Ben Sowden

Scott & Bailey.

James Quinn - Mr Briggs

With Suranne Jones in Scott & Bailey and Dead Clever.
Way back in 1994: Children's Ward (by Sally Wainwright)

Steve evetS - Mr Pickels

With Suranne Jones in Vincent.
And again in Scott & Bailey.

Daniel Betts - Mr Hinscliffe

The Crimson Field.

Stephanie Hyam - Miss Sophie Ferrall

With Sophie Rundle in Peaky Blinders and Bodyguard.

Susan Lynch - special mention

Unfortunately not in GJ, but played Isabella Norcliffe in The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister.
Tried to kill herself in Happy Valley.
As Stace in all six episodes of Save Me with Suranne Jones.
With Suranne Jones again as Lili Peel in The Secret of Crickley Hall.

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