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Halifax houses
"We've been having the same conversation for the last twenty years"

Some of the buildings and places that Anne knew

Gentleman Jack is largely set in the actual houses and locations that existed in 1832 - even if some of the houses no longer exist, or the GJ scenes were filmed elsewhere. One exception is that in GJ Ann is living at Crow Nest, where in 1832 she was actually at Lidgate. Crow Nest was part of Ann's Lightcliffe estate, but has unfortunately been demolished.

Another instance where GJ differs from reality is that in the story Anne arrives back from Copenhagen at Gravesend - this, I believe, is due to a mis-reading of the diaries, and Anne, Thomas & Eugenie actually disembarked in London (see Episode 8).

Many of the still-existing buildings can be seen around Halifax and the Shibden estate, although many are privately occupied and so not open to the public.

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