Some of Sally Wainwright's work
"He always - your father - used to say you could get rid of a whole human body by feeding it to t'pigs"

Other work by Sally Wainwright

Sally Wainwright is from the Halifax area and much of her work is set in Halifax and the Calder Valley (the River Calder flows around the south of Halifax).

Happy Valley

Starring Sarah Lancashire as Sergeant Catherine Cawood of the West Yorkshire Police; she's based in Sowerby bridge, just outside Halifax. According to Wikipedia "'Happy Valley' is what local police in the Calder Valley call the area because of its drug problem". Shibden Park was also called "Happy Valley" when it was opened to the public in the 1930s. Half the cast of GJ seems to have a part, including our very own Miss Ann Walker.
Lister reference: Sergeant Cawood's daughter's gravestone is inscribed: "In God is my hope". This is the partially encoded phrase that helped John Lister and Arthur Burrell decode the diaries in 1887.

Sally Wainwright has promised another series, but no news as to when.

Last Tango in Halifax

Sarah Lancashire again, playing Caroline, the daughter of Celia, who is half of the couple involved in the "last tango" (Derek Jacobi plays the other half). Several of the GJ cast appear, and we get Ronni Ancona as well.
Lister reference: Celia refers to Caroline's lesbianism as her "oddity". Anne uses the same word about herself.
Lister reference: Someone (can't remember who) is called "Cock of the dung-hill". Anne describes Marian thus at least once in the diaries.
We also get "face like a bust shoe" and "put the tin lid on it" from GJ.
There's a nice reference to "Sergeant Cawood" in series five.

Scott & Bailey

Suranne Jones as Detective Rachel Bailey of the Manchester Police, starring alongside Lesley Sharp as Detective Janet Scott. Their boss is GJ's Mrs Priestley.
I didn't notice any Lister references, but we do get "face like a bust shoe" again.

Dead Clever: The Life and Crimes of Julie Bottomley

Suranne Jones as Julie Bottomley (and Dean Lennox Kelly who was Christopher Rawson in The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister).

At Home with the Braithwaites

So much better than I expected. A stand-out performance from Sarah Smart - who also starred in Sparkhouse, Sally Wainwright's re-imagining of Wuthering Heights (which I haven't seen).
Probably too early (2000) for Lister references, but at least "face like a bust shoe" is there.


Suranne Jones starring as Ruth Slater. Set in Halifax. No Lister references that I can remember - but I saw it long before GJ.

To Walk Invisible

A gorgeous biopic of the Brontë sisters, from 1845 to the death of Branwell Brontë in 1848 - just a month before Emily's death and six months before Anne's. Filmed largely on location in Haworth, although interior Parsonage scenes were filmed on a replica of the building.
Wonderful casting: Finn Atkins played Charlotte, Chloe Pirrie Emily, and Charlie Murphy (also in Happy Valley) Anne. A couple of walk-on parts by members of the GJ cast; five of the To Walk Invisible cast appear in Happy Valley.

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