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Film & TV: About Anne or by Sally Wainwright
"Can we be squeezing any more tea out of that pot?"

As seen on TV


There are four major programmes on Anne that Ι know of: Gentleman Jack, the made-for-TV The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (2010), Sue Perkins' documentary Revealing Anne Lister (2010) and A Marriage, an episode of the series A Skirt Through History (1996). All were produced by the BBC. Unfortunately A Skirt Through History doesn't seem to be available anywhere, so Ι haven't seen it. The other three are discussed here; the reviews are not critical - all programmes speak for themselves.

Sally Wainwright

There's also some information on Sally Wainwright's work. Ι like what Ι've seen - which is not everything - but Ι'm not making any recommendations. It's interesting to see so many of the same actors in many of the programmes, and Ι think that there are one or two Anne Lister references in a couple of the series.

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